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Pop-Up Soccer Free Kick Mannequins [3 Pack]


Pop-Up Soccer Free Kick Mannequins [3 Pack]

  • Hard Wearing Free Kick Soccer Mannequin
  • Pop-Up Free Kick Soccer Training Mannequins
  • Pop-Up Free Kick Soccer Training Dummies
  • High Impact Soccer Dummy
  • Pop Up Weatherproof Free Kick Soccer Mannequins
  • Pop-Up Football Free Kick Mannequin
  • Hard Wearing Free Kick Soccer Mannequin
  • Pop-Up Free Kick Soccer Training Mannequins
  • Pop-Up Free Kick Soccer Training Dummies
  • High Impact Soccer Dummy
  • Pop Up Weatherproof Free Kick Soccer Mannequins
  • Pop-Up Football Free Kick Mannequin
Spring Back Soccer Free Kick Mannequins - Pack of 3 mesh mannequins with spring loaded slalom poles. Lightweight yet strong 5ft free-kick dummies with an included carry bag for the mannequin sleeve. Bags for the poles can be added in the essentials below.

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4.65/5 (Read 3 customer reviews)

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Portable Spring Back Soccer Free Kick Mannequins For Training Drills

Free Kick Mannequin
Professional Quality Portable Free Kick Training Mannequins

This pack of 3 spring loaded mannequins will help you to develop super set-piece skills. This 5ft tall portable defensive wall will prepare you for the conditions of a real match, providing challenging training drills as you aim for the top corner. The 'keeper will be no match for the techniques you develop with these mannequins.

Spring Back Free Kick Mannequin
Mannequins Which Spring Back Into Position Upon Impact

Convenience is a key feature of these mannequins. With spring loaded slalom poles included, these top quality free-kick training aids bounce back into their original position, ready to go again, eliminating the need for constant resetting. Perfect for solo practice at home, these innovative spring back mannequins are the real deal.

Super Strong Spring Back Mannequin
Light In Weight Yet Ultra-Durable Spring Back Soccer Mannequins

These mannequins are a training tool of two halves. Their incredibly lightweight design makes them portable and easy to store and maneuver without sacrificing durability. The sturdy mesh sleeve has been expertly designed to take collisions with the ball without ripping or becoming damaged, providing long-lasting training.


Practice Your Free-Kicks On The Move With These Pop-Up Free-Kick Mannequins

Free-kick taking is an art form few truly master. This pack of 3 5ft pop-up soccer mannequins are ideal for those highly focused dead ball specialists looking to perfect their technique. Put your free-kick maestros through their paces and have them practicing their skills over and over again until free kicks become a certain goal on a match day. Perfect for putting in the extra hours of training, these spring back free-kick mannequins are ideal for sporadic set-piece practice.

  • Spring back functionality which enhances training sessions by eliminating the need to reset felled mannequins
  • Lightweight and durable mesh material which facilitates portability as well as longevity
  • Quick and easy to assemble and fold away, taking a mere 2 minutes to pop-up into position
  • Coming as a pack of 3 mannequins as standard, the training tool can be used to emulate a defensive wall
  • Comes with a convenient carry bag which allows for storage and transportation between uses

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, these portable free-kick mannequins come with a convenient carry bag, ensuring that you can work on your set-pieces whenever the mood strikes. Adding a touch of realism to your practice, these mesh mannequins act as a defensive wall, mimicking matchday environments during training. The light nature of these mannequins is belied by their strength, as the ultra-sturdy mesh sleeve has been manufactured to absorb the impact of thunderous strikes.

Resetting toppled mannequins can be a tedious exercise which disrupts the momentum of a training session. Thanks to the included pair of 25mm spring loaded slaloms, these mannequins simply return to their original position, allowing you to fully optimize the time you spend working on your Pirlo-esque free-kicks. Once you’ve exhausted yourself with set-piece training drills, the mannequins simply fold away in a matter of minutes for quick storage.

PLEASE NOTE - The free kick mannequin sleeves come with a protective carry bag included. Carry bags for the poles can be purchased seperately.


Spring Back Free Kick Mannequin Specifications

  • Set of 3 portable mannequins 
  • Each mannequin body is manufactured from lightweight yet hard-wearing mesh sleeves 
  • Each mannequin comes with a pair of 25mm diameter spring loaded slalom poles to ensure they pop up back into place (6 slalom poles in total)
  • Spring loaded slalom poles have a steel spike at the end so they can securely be inserted onto grass fields or similarly soft surfaces 
  • Individual mannequin height is 5ft (1.5m) 
  • Takes just 2 minutes to install or fold away 
  • Can also be used as obstacle layouts for dribbling, shooting and goalkeeping coaching 
  • Comes with a carry bag for ease of storage and transportation
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Based on 3 customer reviews

daniel piedra
Good service good product
Steve De Carlo
Great product. Much more transportable than traditional manequins.
Trusted Customer
These are good, but we hadn't anticipated that the smallest breeze would blow them over. That said on a lovely mild sunny day they are great fun & very useful for practising skills
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Questions & Answers

1 question | 1 answer

Do you also have these in 6ft tall size?

Herman Lisman

Hi Herman, thank you for the enquiry. These are sold standard as 5ft high however, you could buy a pack of 6ft Slalom poles and adapt these yourself. The only issue may be the gap at the bottom of the mannequins will be slightly bigger that usual.
Kind regards,


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