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Metal Soccer Goals

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The Best Metal Soccer Goals

At FORZA Goal we have the best collection of metal soccer goals available. Offering the best steel and aluminum goals in a huge range of sizes, we have something to suit all age groups, budgets and requirements.

Our Steel42 steel soccer goal frames are manufactured from super strong galvanized 42mm round steel with robust side frames. The Steel42 soccer goals are durable enough to withstand the most powerful of shots time and time again. They are also easy to assemble, take down, and store, making them the perfect portable soccer goals for both indoor and outdoor use. These goals are particularly popular for use in backyards by kids.

If you’re looking for an aluminum soccer goal you can choose from one of our two goal ranges. The Alu60 goal posts are manufactured from reinforced 60mm aluminum and with 32mm plated steel foldaway sides and detachable 42mm galvanized steel backbars, they are extremely durable yet lightweight. These soccer goals are ideal for small-sided games and practice sessions.

Our most premium goal option comes in the form of the Alu110. The FORZA Alu110 range boasts ultimate versatility as the goals come in both freestanding and socketed variations. The freestanding soccer goals are aimed at soccer teams wanting to have the option to transport goals easily, whilst the socketed goals are cemented into the ground to provide a set area to enjoy soccer matches and training sessions.

The goals are manufactured from 110mm reinforced aluminum making them both the biggest and sturdiest goal range to date. The additional size doesn’t make them any less versatile than any other FORZA soccer goal. Light enough to be easily transported from the locker rooms to the field, these soccer goals really will take your soccer club to new and exciting heights.

To order one of our metal soccer goals you can either purchase online or call us on 866-861-9095. We can also offer helpful advice for any soccer goal-related question you may have.

All of our FORZA metal soccer goals are entirely weather resistant & come with a 1 year warranty!


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