This passing drill focuses on the ability to move the ball quickly with the introduction of combination play as the drill progresses. Players start in groups of 3 with 2 players stationed on a cone on the outside square and 1 starting on the cone on the inside square. 2 balls start diagonally opposite on the outside. The first pass is into the middle with the next player passing short to the next player and then to the outside player who takes a good first touch and plays a longer pass to the next group ahead with players following their pass.

Further develop your technique, first touch and quality of pass.


1. Set up a large area of 20 x 20 and a smaller area of 5 x 5 with 2 players on each of the outer area cones and 1 player per group on each of the smaller area cones.


2. Working with 2 footballs which must start diagonally opposite. The first pass is into the nearest player starting in the smaller area who takes a touch and plays sideways to the next player. They turn and play to the next player on the outside area.


3. Players follow the direction of their pass and take the next players space. When the ball reaches the next outside player, they take a good first touch and play a longer pass to the next player ahead.


4. Each player follows the path of the ball and the pattern continues.


Speed of Play | First Touch | Weight & Quality of Pass | 1 & 2 Touch Passing


Input different combinations to include a wall pass at the start of the pattern.