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FORZA Indoor Soccer Balls [3 Sizes]

FORZA Indoor Soccer Balls [3 Sizes]

  • FORZA Size 5 Indoor Football Ball
  • Indoor Football Ball
  • FORZA Indoor Football Ball
  • FORZA Size 5 Indoor Football Ball
  • Indoor Football Ball
  • FORZA Indoor Football Ball
Elite-quality high-visibility yellow indoor soccer balls, available in 3 size options, are specifically designed for hard indoor & laminate surfaces. Hand-stitched soccer ball featuring a polynylon material & Super Airtech bladder. Ideal for soccer coaches, clubs & schools, coming as a single ball & in multipacks of 3x or 25x.

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High-Visibility Indoor Soccer Ball - Suitable For All Ages

fluorescent yellow size 5 soccer ball

Perfect Indoor Soccer Ball

Available in 3 size options, this soccer ball has been expertly manufactured for use on 3G, 4G & hard indoor soccer pitches, making it the best ball for schools & sports halls.

fluorescent yellow soccer ball

Reliable Hand Stitching

Unlike machine-stitched alternatives, this elite-level indoor soccer ball boasts deeper seams for enhanced durability against surface tearing & longevity even with regular use.

fluorescent yellow size 5 football

Consistent Air Retention

Engineered using a durable polynylon material for longevity, this high-visibility indoor soccer ball features the Super Airtech bladder, ensuring consistent air retention & ball shape


Fluorescent Yellow Indoor Soccer Balls For Sports Centres, Schools And Clubs

Fully equip your team with the professional quality FORZA Indoor Soccer Balls available in 3x sizes (3, 4 & 5). As each premium soccer ball has been manufactured especially for indoor use, they all feature various design features that protect the exterior of the ball. Ideal for use on hard surfaces and laminate flooring, the robust outer layer of this ball has been produced to withstand regular use in indoor spaces. Created to be a superior indoor soccer ball, the FORZA indoor ball has been expertly crafted to provide extended durability. Due the high-quality construction of each ball, they can be utilised on 3G and 4G surfaces and they can be used by school teams, sports centres and professional clubs.

  • FORZA Indoor soccer ball specifically designed for use on hard indoor and laminate playing surfaces
  • Fluorescent yellow hand-stitched surface which is high in durability as well as visibility
  • Manufactured with a cutting-edge polynylon material fitted with a Super Airtech bladder
  • The ultimate soccer ball for schools, sports halls and coaches who host training sessions indoors
  • Available as a single hard-surface ball or in high-value multi-packs of 3 and 25 in sizes 3, 4 or 5.

The FORZA indoor soccer ball has been produced to enhance every indoor training session. While low lighting conditions may hinder some indoor practices, the bright luminous yellow of the FORZA indoor soccer ball effectively allows it to be seen in any light setting. Each robust ball has been hand-stitched to guarantee that regular indoor use will not cause damage to the surface of the ball. The high-level of craftmanship of each FORZA soccer ball ensures that you will receive a dependable training aid that will not require constant re-inflation.

While the FORZA Indoor soccer ball has been created to be robust and sturdy, it is also a comfortable ball to hit. The premium polynylon composition of these balls effectively protects the exterior of the soccer ball from every hard strike. For enhanced resilience against regular indoor use, these sturdy balls also feature an integrated Super Airtech bladder. Available in various pack sizes to suit your requirements, you can purchase these professional balls individually or as a multi-pack of either 3 or 25. As an essential element of any teams training equipment, this soccer ball will be able to help develop your matchday performance.

PLEASE NOTE - It is not recommended that this indoor soccer ball is used in wet/muddy conditions. Should it be used outdoors, we recommend that you clean off any excessive dirt with a damp cloth before allowing the ball to dry naturally in an airy place away from the cold. The hand-stitched soccer balls should not be force dried with heat as this may cause damage.

Net World Sports stock a vast array of high-quality soccer balls, available in size 2, size 3, size 4 and size 5, including astro balls, futsal balls, kids garden soccer balls, training and matchday soccer balls.


FORZA Indoor Soccer Ball Specifications


  • Size Options: 3, 4 or 5
  • Pack Sizes: Pack of 1, Pack of 3 or Pack of 25


  • Polynylon material fitted with a Super Airtech bladder
  • Hand-stitched soccer ball provides superior durability


  • Expertly designed for use on indoor and laminate surfaces
  • Suitable for use by schools, sports centers & coaches
  • Color: Fluorescent Yellow

PLEASE NOTE: While it's not recommended to use this soccer ball outdoors, should it be exposed to wet and muddy surfaces, please ensure that you clean off all excess dirt with a damp cloth before allowing it to naturally dry in an airy place away from the cold. Do not clean in a bath or a shower.

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