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FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer

FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer

  • FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer
  • FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer
  • FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer
  • FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer
  • FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer
  • FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer
Designed to return the ball back to you no matter how hard you strike it. This performance-enhancing tool is suitable for players of all abilities, helping to take your passing & shooting skills to the next level. Available in 3 regulation sizes & featuring an integrated elastic cord. Optional FORZA weight base available.

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Featuring an integrated elasticated cord to ensure that the ball will always return back to you. Ultra-durable & lightweight, the cord can endure years’ worth of effective training.


The ideal choice for solo training, the soccer trainer allows users of all ages to work on multiple performance-enhancing drills & exercises. Available in a size 3, size 4 & size 5


No matter the force of the shot, the ball is guaranteed to return back to you, thanks to the durable cord attached. The cord is adjustable for different spaces, distances & drills.



The FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer is an elite piece of training equipment, specially designed to return the ball back to you no matter how hard you strike it. The solo soccer trainer comes fully equipped with an ultra-durable soccer & premium elasticated cord which is easily adjustable to alter the length to suit different spaces, distances & drills. Available with our optional FORZA base weight, the cord can simply be attached around the base to the desired length for effective soccer practice. The shorter the length of the cord, the faster the ball will return back to your feet, making it ideal for testing first touch & control. A longer cord length allows players to practice shooting & goal kicks. Our FORZA base weight is perfectly weighted, allowing it to stay in place during use & making it portable in nature. Designed by our team of experts, the high-grade ball boasts a durable interior bladder & outer skin with a premium cushioned layer for added comfort when striking the ball. Suitable for soccer enthusiasts of all ages & abilities, the versatile trainer can allow users to work on shooting, passing, first touch, free kicks, penalties & much more. Soccer balls are available in size 3, size 4 & size 5, each supplied with the strong elasticated cord. FORZA base weights are optional yet highly recommended for enhanced play.

  • Soccer ball available in size 3, size 4 & size 5 – suitable for all ages & abilities
  • An innovative tool which minimizes time spent chasing after stray balls, thanks to the elasticated cord
  • Premium elastic cord is easily adjustable, making the tool suitable for a range of training exercises
  • Work on multiple skills & techniques including passing, shooting, free kicks & first touch
  • Available with an optional FORZA base weight – portable & keeps the equipment in place

FORZA Solo Soccer Return Trainer Specification


  • Soccer Ball – Size 3, Size 4 & Size 5
  • FORZA Base Weight – 11.4in x 22.4in | 8lbs
  • Elastic Cord – 13ft (unstretched length)


  • Exceptionally durable outer skin & inner bladder
  • Foam cushioned outer layer for enhanced control
  • Elasticated bungee cord
  • Heavy-duty rubber base weight


  • Suitable for any surface
  • Soccer ball will be delivered uninflated
  • Soccer ball pump not included
  • 8-10PSI recommended
  • Elastic cord permanently attached to soccer ball
  • When striking the ball, position the base away from your standing leg
  • Cord measures 4m but will stretch & elongate when ball is kicked
  • PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend adult supervision if product is to be used by young children
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