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Soccer Technique Training Drills – Basic Dribbles & Pass

Improving your dribbling and passing will help turn you into a wing wizard. Taking advantage of our high-quality football equipment, this drill teaches a fundamental soccer skill. Use pace and close control to dribble around marker cones, before passing against the rebound wall. For the ultimate challenge, complete the drill with both feet.


Focus: Speed


Our Latest Soccer Skills Video Will Teach You How to Improve Dribbling And Passing

Precision passing and deadly dribbling are two key soccer techniques which will make you a nightmare for the opposition. When the likes on Lionel Messi are dribbling full flow it’s nigh on impossible to take the ball from them, while a well-placed pass can slice through an entire defensive line. Our helpful ‘how to do’ soccer skill guides, combined with our match-winning equipment, provide you with all the tools for successful training sessions.

This soccer skills video works on attributes which can be applied to strikers, wingers, marauding midfielders and even ball-playing centre-backs. This step-by-step skill guide will help you give you dribbling skills that would make Cristiano Ronaldo blush, and passing the envy of all playmakers. An easy drill to set-up, all it requires are FORZA soccer training marker cones, RapidFire rebound net and a top-quality FORZA match ball combined with plenty of effort and application.

The Best Soccer Training Drill for Improving Dribbling and Passing

  • Step One - Set-up this challenging drill by placing 5x FORZA training marker cones 1m from each other in a line. Ensure that the final cone is 2m away from the RapidFire rebounder. For an even greater challenge, increase the number of marker cones to further test your dribbling abilities.
  • Step Two - With the FORZA Match Ball at your feet, and the course set-up it’s time to get dribbling. Weave in and out of the marker cones, keeping the ball as close to your feet as possible. Maintain control and don’t allow the ball to touch the cone at any time.
  • Step Three - Once you the reach the end of the row of marker cones, and your dribbling has been put through its paces, it’s now time to work on passing and control. Pass the ball into the rebounder four times, bringing it under control each time.
  • PRO TIP - For the optimum passing training session, use both your strong and weaker foot to pass as well as receive. Improving your weaker foot will add unpredictability to your game and allow you to attack effectively from either side of the pitch.
  • Step Four - Upon successfully receiving the final pass, turn and dribble alongside the cones at pace, returning to the starting position. Repeat this top drill, dribbling with both feet, and reap the rewards when breezing passed the opposition on matchday.
  • Using our FORZA training marker cones, RapidFire rebounder and FORZA match ball during this high-quality soccer drill will give you the professional edge. Tricky dribblers are tough for defenders to live with, and incisive passing will give you the to unlock stubborn defences. Give yourself the best possible chance of victory with Net World Sports’ soccer training equipment and drills.