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How To Assemble The RapidFire Soccer Rebound Net

Designed to test soccer’s more advanced techniques, the RapidFire soccer rebound net will help take your game to the next level. This short video is designed to make assembling the RapidFire soccer rebound net even easier. You’ll spend a lot less time working and more time playing thanks to this step-by-step guide. From the basics of laying all the components out on the ground to implementing the adjustable angle option, you’ll have this rebound net assembled in minutes.


Having an excellent first touch and possessing the ability to cleanly strike and head the ball out of the air are widely considered the most difficult skills in the beautiful game. Well now, with this RapidFire soccer rebound net you can look to perfect all three of these skills and begin to wow the onlooking support on a matchday. This short video has been designed to help you set up in just minutes, giving you plenty of time for play and practice.

In order to minimise confusion, clearly layout all the different components on the ground. By doing this, you will have a clearer image of the various parts and where they need to go. Now that’s done, simply insert a spring clip into each of the short leg segments, ensuring the button pops through the hole ready for attachment to the curved frame.

Once you have secured the short leg segments to the curved frame, it’s now time to attach a bracket to each side of the frame. You can ensure that all the nuts and bolts are firmly in place using the Allen key and spanner provided. Now you have the nuts and bolts firmly in position, make sure the caps are attached to the ends of the short leg segments. These caps ensure the legs will remain dent-free and stop any dirt getting trapped inside. Once you have attached the caps, you can go right ahead with securing the short leg segments to the already-fastened brackets.

Finally, in order to get maximum value from this RapidFire soccer rebound net, you need to attach the angle adjuster. To do this simply secure the washer first then the angle adjuster through the brackets on either side. Now you can alter the angle to improve bounce distance and difficulty, ensuring that this soccer rebound net takes your skills to the next level.