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How To Assemble The 6ft x 4ft FORZA Locking Soccer Goal

Watch our step by step guide to give you the lowdown on how to assemble the most popular children’s backyard soccer goal on the market! The 6x4 FORZA Locking Soccer Goal is perfectly portable and can be assembled in a matter of minutes, ensuring less time waiting around and more time playing the beautiful game in the backyard!


The 6ft x 4ft FORZA Locking Soccer Goal is the perfect goal for kids looking to kick start their soccering journey. Manufactured from ultra-durable uPVC, this soccer goal is 100% weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without fear of rust or corrosion occurring.

The soccer goal is lightweight and ultra-durable and can be used for soccer matches in the back garden or transported to the local park to use in a larger environment. Once constructed the goal can easily be transported by one person but if you’d require an even easier transportation method you can purchase separately a FORZA soccer goal carry bag.

Firstly in order to assemble our 6x4 FORZA Soccer Goal we need to lay out all of the components that came in the box. Once laid out the first real step is to insert all locking clips into the connectors.

Then we need to assemble the base of the goalframe. You will do this by connecting part 9019 and 9033 to the connectors. Then we need to assemble the crossbar by attaching part 8982 and 9019 to the connectors.

Then we need to fit the crossbar to the base. The next step sees us assembling the arching tension bars by connecting 2 of the parts labelled 9149 to one of the parts labelled 9170.

Now we should have a real resemblance of a soccer goal! The next step is to lay the goal down on its front and fit the tension bars to the uprights. The we lift the goal back upright and secure the same tension bars in to the base of the goal.

The next part of the assembly process sees us adding the net. We do this by simply placing the net over the goalframe and securing it by attaching the net clips provided. For additional security and stability we now would take the time to anchor the goal to the ground using the u-pegs provided.

And there you have it! A simple process all guaranteed to give you hours of soccer fun in the backyard or at school.