The aim of this drill is to kick the ball into one of the two top corners using either the inside of your foot or your laces. It will help to improve shooting accuracy.


  • Affix one FORZA Top Bins – Soccer Goal Corner Target in each top corner of the goal.


  • Start by placing the ball on the penalty spot and standing in your preferred run up position.
  • Take a shot at the goal aiming to place the ball through one of the top bins’ targets, making it extremely difficult for the ‘keeper to make a successful save!
  • Practice both top corners on either side of the goal.

Coaching Points:

Look for placement not power!


This drill can be progressed by taking the ball outside the box to 18-25 yards and practising in a free kick situation.

FORZA Top Bins - Soccer Goal Corner Target



12 x 6 FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Soccer Goal



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