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Team Hygiene Water Bottle (34fl oz)

Team Hygiene Water Bottle (34fl oz)

    1 Litre Team Hygiene Water Bottle Contactless Sports Bottle BPA Free Soft Squeeze Plastic Water Bottles Bulk Rugby Water Bottles
  • 1 Litre Team Hygiene Water Bottle
  • Contactless Sports Bottle
  • BPA Free Soft Squeeze Plastic Water Bottles
  • Bulk Rugby Water Bottles

BPA free soft squeeze plastic hygiene water bottle. Holds up to 34fl oz of water, the bottle is designed with a contactless nozzle to prevent cross contamination between players. Available individually, in packs of 20 and jumbo packs of 40.

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34fl oz BPA Free Team Hygiene Water Bottle - Contactless Re-hydration

Hygiene water bottle | Contactless Nozzle For Safe Drinking

Contact Free Drinking

The hygiene bottles contactless nozzle system means there is no reason to make contact with the bottle allowing your entire team to share bottles without removing mouthguards .

1 Litre BPA Free Refillable Plastic Bottle

34fl oz Capacity 

This water bottle will match your hydration needs by supplying you up to 34fl oz of water, keeping you hydrated from the beginning to the end of a match. 

Contactless 1 Litre Hygiene Water Bottle

BPA Free Sports Bottles 

This hygiene bottle is made from BPA free, soft squeeze plastic which means the only thing going into your body is the liquid you put into the bottle. 


Safely Share Water With This Soft Squeeze 34fl oz Contactless BPA Free Water Bottle 

Keep your mouth guard in whilst you hydrate with this 34fl oz hygiene water bottle. Constructed with an innovative contactless nozzle, this bottle allows the user to make minimal contact with the bottle which in turn creates a way to safely share drinks for sports teams.

  • Holds up to 34fl oz of water.
  • The hygiene bottles are made from BPA free soft squeeze plastic.
  • Squeeze the bottle to release liquid.
  • The water bottles lid features a chin rest, splash guard and contact free nozzle for hygienic drinking.
  • Screw cap lid and wide mouth for quick refills.
  • Flurro yellow body with black hygiene lid.
  • Available singularly as well as packs of 20 and a jumbo pack of 40.

This hybrid sports water bottle is designed to be shared, all the user needs to do to start drinking is place their chin on the protruding chinrest, open their mouth and squeeze the sports bottle to evenly release liquid. All this can be done without the user ever making contact with the water bottles nozzle making it an extremely safe way to share a drink during a match. 

You can pass your hygiene bottle to a team mate without the worry of liquid escaping thanks to the secure screw top lid. When screwed shut a tight seal is formed keeping water in, but when the time arises to refill the water bottle, the wide mouth makes this a quick process, allowing you more time to refuel yourself instead of the bottle.

One of the most important aspects of any sporting event is to keep hydrated for the duration of the event. Thankfully our spray water bottles can hold up to 34fl oz of water which is enough to keep you, or your team hydrated from the start of a match until the end, allowing you to perform at optimum levels. 

Supplying your entire rugby team with water has never been safer thanks to these BPA free hygiene water bottles. Available singularly or in packs of 20 and jumbo packs of 40, no matter how big your squad is we can keep you hydrated.


34fl oz Team Hygiene Water Bottle Dimensions

  • 28cm (11") with lid.
  • 24cm (9.5") without lid.
  • 8.1cm (3.2") Bottles diameter.


  • BPA free soft squeeze plastic.


  • Holds up to 34fl oz (1 litre) of water.
  • Designed for non-contact drinking.
  • Available in packs of 1, 20 and 40.
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Team Hygiene Water Bottle (34fl oz)

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Team Hygiene Water Bottle (34fl oz)

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