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Jumbo Soccer Rebounder Net (9ft x 7ft)


Jumbo Soccer Rebounder Net (9ft x 7ft)

  • Soccer Rebound Net
  • Jumbo Rebounder
  • Best Soccer Training Aid For Volleying
  • Top Quality Soccer Training Aid For Clubs
  • Soccer Rebound Net
  • Jumbo Rebounder
  • Best Soccer Training Aid For Volleying
  • Top Quality Soccer Training Aid For Clubs
9ft x 7ft weatherproof soccer rebounder net. Strong steel frame with 30ply twisted polyethylene twine spring-loaded netting. Four adjustable delivery angles. Net ties and bungee cords included.

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9ft x 7ft Soccer Rebounder Net With Four Adjustable Ball Delivery Angles

soccer rebounder wall

Long-Lasting And Weatherproof Steel Soccer Rebounder Frame

Strength is at the core of this premium soccer rebound net, having been manufactured from the finest 32mm steel. The enhanced levels of durability of the rebounder make it the best soccer training tool for regular use, with the capacity to handle high-velocity collisions and ricochets without incurring damage.

soccer rebound net

Adjustable Soccer Rebound Net With Four Ball Delivery Angles

Due to the four varying trajectory angles of the rebounder, it can be applied to a variety of different skill training drills. Whether you're developing aerial prowess, chest control or trapping low balls, the versatile bounce back net will provide a multitude of training scenarios for soccer players of all ages and abilities.

soccer rebounder net

Spring-Loaded Rebounder Net With Net Ties And Bungee Cords

The 30ply twisted polyethylene twine netting is spring-loaded for unpredictable rebounds and bounces, providing worthwhile training sessions. The rebound net is joined by white net ties and bungee cords which guarantee consistency of performance and a firm rebound while also facilitating quick assembly.


Extra Large 9ft x 7ft Soccer Rebounder Net With Four Adjustable Angles For Varying Training Drills

Take your close control, volleying and first touch training drills to the next level with the jumbo soccer rebounder net. This extra-large soccer bounce back net measures in at a staggering 9ft x 7ft, offering an enormous target which allows you to pick your spot with ease when delivering the ball. Due to the sizeable design of this rebounder, the training possibilities are endless, allowing you to work on a vast range of soccer skills from trapping awkward deliveries to mastering the art of acrobatic volleys.

  • Huge 9ft x 7ft soccer rebound training tool perfect for a variety of solo practice drills on all surfaces
  • The adjustable soccer rebounder offers four angles which provide varying trajectory of delivery
  • Long-lasting weatherproof frame made from 1mm x 32mm steel which features base grips for enhanced stability
  • Spring-loaded rebound net made from 30ply twisted polyethylene twine with 25mm mesh for a firm rebound
  • Freestanding design allows the jumbo soccer rebounder net to be carried between playing surfaces

Having been manufactured from 32mm high-strength steel, the soccer rebounder wall is built to last, with the capacity to endure the rigours of regular use. The jumbo training rebounder comes equipped with a spring-loaded polyethylene rebound area as well as bungee tie cords and net tape. The netting is of the highest quality, providing the perfect target for players to aim for. The enhanced size of the soccer rebounder allows for precise ball delivery which you can tailor to specific skill types.

The adjustable soccer rebound net offers varying ball trajectories to match the specific skill that you are working on. With four angles, the versatile rebounding soccer net can be manipulated to provide high, medium and low angled delivery, perfect for adding an extra element of difficulty to heading, volleying and first touch training. Held taut by the included bungee ties, the net provides firm bounces and rebounds, making it the best soccer training rebounder net available for clubs and players of all standards.


Jumbo Soccer Rebounder Net (9ft x 7ft)


  • Width: 9ft (2.7m)
  • Height: 7ft (2.2m)
  • Mesh: 25mm


  • Adjustable soccer rebounder with four different angles
  • Manufactured from 1mm x 32mm steel
  • 30ply twisted polyethylene twine
  • Elasticated ties included
  • Net tape included (color may vary)


  • Use in any weather condition
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Trusted Customer
Excellent product and service. Speedy delivery. Very happy 9 year old!
Trusted Customer
Awesome training tool to have in the backyard.
Edmund W.
The pins that hold the tubes together are a little brittle. The provided extra - I need more but can probable make due with something in its place.
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Jumbo Soccer Rebounder Net (9ft x 7ft)

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Jumbo Soccer Rebounder Net (9ft x 7ft)

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