A double goalkeeping action drill starting with the goalkeeper with a ball in hands. They throw the ball to the side before dealing with a long range strike. After this strike they then deal with a 1 v 1 either smothering the ball or staying up on their feet waiting for the attacker to shoot or a poor touch to pounce on.

This drill will put your reactions to the test.


1. The GK starts in the goal with a ball in their hands.


2. On the coaches commands the GK drops the ball a few yards in front and sets themselves for a strike from either server.


3. The GK deals with the first strike by catching or making a save. If the GK catches, they must throw the ball clear.


4. As soon as the first ball is clear, the GK must then either smother the second ball or deal with a 1 v 1 against the server, keeping on their feet as long as possible.


GK Set Position | Correct Action to Save | Decision Making | Staying Up As Long As Possible


Vary the distance of shots from inside the area to out.