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Metric Measuring Wheel

Metric Measuring Wheel

  • Metric Measuring Wheel For Line Marking | FORZA Soccer
  • Metric Measuring Wheel For Sports Pitches | Forza Soccer USA
  • Mark Out Sports Pitches With This Metric Measuring Wheel
  • Metric Measuring Wheel For Line Marking | FORZA Soccer
  • Metric Measuring Wheel For Sports Pitches | Forza Soccer USA
  • Mark Out Sports Pitches With This Metric Measuring Wheel

Metric measuring wheel with adjustable aluminum handle & easy to read dial. Perfect for accurately measuring a mix of sports pitches for distances up to 99,999m!

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Take The Hard Work Out Of Line Marking With Our Portable Metric Measuring Wheel!

If it’s that time of the season again, where measuring soccer pitches ahead of line marking causes a groan, then make life easier with our amazing Metric Measuring Wheel!

This measuring wheel is constructed with a robust, aluminum handle, which is extendable between 19 inch and 31 inch. This means you can personalize the height of the measuring wheel to a comfortable position. The handle is finished with a rubber grip, so you have ultimate control of steering your measuring device to where it needs to be.

The 12.5 inch diameter wheel is suitable for measuring out a variety of different surfaces, as it is manufactured from lightweight yet sturdy plastic. Use it on a range of different sports pitches, including grass soccer pitches, clay or hard surface tennis courts and AstroTurf. The lightweight quality of this measuring wheel means you won’t waste energy pushing it around the soccer field, you can just keep on rolling!

Our measuring wheel for soccer pitches is designed with a fantastic metric dial with easy to read numbers. It has a reset lever to instantly return to dial to zero for when it’s time to reset and re-measure. Track distances from 0 to a whopping 99,999m!

Fold out the stand support to prop up the measuring wheel when you need to pause, then simply fold it away again when you’re ready to carry on! Our measuring wheel also comes complete with a durable nylon carry bag, so you can transport your measuring tool with ease, whilst ensuring it stays clean during storage. 

This multi-purpose measuring wheel has a number of different uses besides measuring soccer pitches, as it’s an essential tool for contractors, agriculturalists, surveyors and landscapers as well.

Here at Net World Sports, we have a huge range of line marking equipment to help you get matchday ready! Check out our Aerosol Line Marking Paint and PliFix Grass Marking Tufts to complete your ground equipment kit!


Materials For Measuring Wheel:

  • Robust aluminum handle
  • Rubber grip to ensure easy manoeuvrability
  • Lightweight plastic wheel suitable for measuring a variety of sport pitches


  • Handle adjustment range from 19 inch to 31 inch
  • 12.5 inch diameter wheel
  • Measures distances between 0-99,999m


  • Easy-to-read metric dial with simple reset lever to return dial to zero
  • Stand support which can fold away when the wheel is in use
  • Includes nylon carry bag for easy transport
  • Measuring wheel for accurately measuring sports pitches and for surveyors
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