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AquaTec Changing Mat [60cm x 60cm]

AquaTec Changing Mat [60cm x 60cm]

  • AquaTec Changing Mat [60cm x 60cm]
  • AquaTec Changing Mat [60cm x 60cm]
  • AquaTec Changing Mat [60cm x 60cm]
  • AquaTec Changing Mat [60cm x 60cm]
  • AquaTec Changing Mat [60cm x 60cm]
  • AquaTec Changing Mat [60cm x 60cm]
Double-sided changing mat for all water sports enthusiasts. Lightweight and easy so store, this mat provides protection against the elements beneath whilst offering a convenient way to dry your feet. Waterproof polyester on one side with synthetic lambswool on the other. Measuring 60cm x 60cm when rolled out. Ideal accessory for use after all water sports.

SKU: AQ45387

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Will be shipped July 30, 2024

Dual-sided, quick-drying, and portable changing mat


This dual-sided changing mat features soft synthetic lambswool on one side and durable waterproof polyester on the other, ensuring suitability for all environments and preferences.


Simply unfasten and unroll for immediate use; quick and easy to roll up after, making it an absolute essential accessory for any water sports activity, perfect for those on the go.


Expertly constructed with quick-drying, waterproof materials, outer lining protects against wet, cold, and hard surfaces, ensuring hassle-free usage and storage time after time.



The Aquatec Changing Mat is an essential accessory for all water sports enthusiasts. Perfectly designed for kayakers, surfers, and paddleboarders, this mat combines premium materials, durability, and comfort in one compact, easy-to-use product. Featuring a dual-sided design, the water sports changing mat offers a soft synthetic wool lining on one side for a cosy, warm surface, while the other side is made from durable, waterproof polyester to protect against wet and rough surfaces. It measures 60cm x 60cm when laid out and a compact 60cm x 20cm when rolled up, weighing just 30g, making it lightweight and easy to carry. With quick-drying properties, this changing mat ensures hassle-free use and storage. Simply unfasten and unroll it for instant use, then roll it back up and secure it with the elasticated strap when finished. It is also machine washable, making maintenance effortless. Designed to meet the needs of all water sports enthusiasts, the Aquatec Changing Mat provides unmatched versatility and convenience.

  • Essential changing mat for water sports, offering a clean and comfortable changing surface
  • Dual-sided design: soft synthetic wool for warmth, and durable waterproof polyester for tough conditions
  • Ideal for kayakers, surfers, and paddleboarders, providing versatile and reliable use
  • Weighs just 30g and measures 60cm x 60cm laid out, 60cm x 20cm making it lightweight and easy to carry
  • Quick-drying and machine washable for convenient maintenance and storage

AquaTec Changing Mat Specifications


  • Laid Out: 60cm x 60cm | 24in x 24in
  • Rolled Up: 60cm x 20cm | 24in x 8in


  • One Side: 100% Waterproof Polyester
  • Opposite Side: Soft Synthetic lambswool


  • Suitable for machine washing
  • Soft, warm surface on one side and durable, waterproof surface on the other
  • Ideal for kayakers, surfers, and paddleboarders
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