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Whiteboard Marker Pens [Multi-Colored Packs]

Whiteboard Marker Pens [Multi-Colored Packs]

  • Multi-Coloured Marker Pens
  • Whiteboard Marker Pens
  • Sports Tactics Board Pens
  • Sports Coaching Whiteboard Pens
  • Coaching Whiteboard Pen Eraser
  • Bold Whiteboard Pen
  • Large Whiteboard Pen
  • Whiteboard Marker Pens [Multi-Coloured Packs]
  • Multi-Coloured Marker Pens
  • Whiteboard Marker Pens
  • Sports Tactics Board Pens
  • Sports Coaching Whiteboard Pens
  • Coaching Whiteboard Pen Eraser
  • Bold Whiteboard Pen
  • Large Whiteboard Pen
  • Whiteboard Marker Pens [Multi-Coloured Packs]
High-quality Whiteboard Marker Pens for sports coaching boards. Available in a pack of 8 medium tip pens or 10 fine tip pens, these whiteboard pens feature fast-drying ink. Pack of 8 consists of 3x black, 3x blue and 2x red whiteboard markers. Pack of 10 fine tip whiteboard pens consists of 10x black pens. Plastic wallet included for storage & transportation.

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Plan All Of Your Game Strategies With The Sports Coaching Whiteboard Pens

Whiteboard Pen With Eraser| Coaching Tactics Board Pen

A Precise Pen Tip

Clearly and coherently write out your game strategies with these whiteboard pens. Each pen includes an eraser cap to allow you to quickly and conveniently rub out mistakes.

Dry Erase Whiteboard Pen | Multi-pack Whiteboard Pen

Great Multi-pack Value

Choose from a multi-pack of either 8 or 10. These great value pens are ideal to take to every training session to clearly show the team your winning game plan.

Coaching Whiteboard Pen| Compact Whiteboard Pen

Innovative Magnetic Strip

With an additional magnetic strip that is compatible with our coaching board range, never lose your marker pen again! These pens attach to each board for a firm and solid hold.


An Expertly Manufactured Magnetic Whiteboard Pen

Designed to allow coaches to easily wipe off game day strategies, these Sports Coaching Whiteboard Pens have been created with additional beneficial features to ensure that each pen is functional and practical. As a result of these features, the pens will assist in maximising your soccer training sessions by guaranteeing that your tactics will be quickly and coherently recorded.

The added magnetic strip provides exceptional grip when the pens are placed onto compatible whiteboards. With an additional integrated eraser that is capable of removing the residue of stubborn markers, this is the ultimate accessory for creating tactics and cleaning whiteboards. Manufactured using a non-toxic fast-drying ink, that has a nearly undetectable odour, you can quickly write down your coaching plans without the worry of it smudging.

  • Sold as a pack of 10 small pens or 8 large pens
  • Complete with an attached eraser
  • An airplane safe pen with automatic pressure equalisation that prevents leaking
  • Equipped with a locked tip feature to prevent the tip of the pen from being pushed into the barrel
  • A magnetic strip that allows you to attach the pens to compatible whiteboards
  • Provided with a plastic wallet for easy transportation
  • Effectively dry wipes whiteboards without leaving any residue
  • A fast drying and low odour ink

To effortlessly transport these pens, a plastic carry bag is also supplied. To ensure that the pens will not leak during transportation, they each feature a locked tip that keeps all of the internal component inside. As the locking feature effectively separates the pen tip from the barrel, these two pieces will not collide to cause a leak.


Sports Coaching Whiteboard Marker Pens Specifications

Packs Available:

  • Pack of 10: 2mm fine tip whiteboard marker pens (Black)
  • Pack of 8: 3mm medium tip whiteboard marker pens (3x Black, 3x Blue & 2x Red)


  • 2mm Black Marker Pens feature a magnetic strip & integrated whiteboard eraser
  • Marker pens come with a plastic wallet included
  • Whiteboard pens feature a locked tip to prevent leaking & ensure a consistent application is always achieved
  • Pen ink is odourless & fast-drying
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