Buying and using the correct size soccer ball is essential for the development of key soccer skills, and it also reduces the risk of potential injuries. Whether it’s in your backyard or out on the soccer field, practicing with the right soccer ball size will help you transfer techniques you have learnt into games, which will lead to you having more success on the field, increasing your overall enjoyment of the game.

With this in mind, we have used US Youth Soccer and FIFA guidelines to create a soccer ball size chart by age so that you can make sure you buy the right soccer ball size for you, your child or your soccer club.

Soccer Ball Size Guide By Age

Below, we’ve listed US Youth Soccer's recommendations on soccer ball sizes for every age group. These guidelines apply for both training and gamedays.

Soccer ball size chart

Whilst not being an official guideline, soccer coaches will advise that youth players aged 3-5 years old opt for a size 2 soccer ball and those aged 3 and under play with a size 1 soccer ball.

The only time we suggest moving away from these size guidelines, is if you are looking to develop specific skills such as dribbling and close ball control skills. In this case, we would recommend using a smaller sized soccer ball to what US Youth Soccer have outlined. Size 1 balls are a popular choice for this as they are often referred to as ‘skills balls’.

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