For goalkeepers to perform at their best it’s essential that they wear the correct size goalie gloves. Gloves that are too big will have a negative impact on a goalkeeper’s ball handling and shot stopping, whilst gloves that are too small will also impact a goalie’s performance as they will be uncomfortable to wear.

Given the importance of having goalkeeper gloves that fit properly we’ve put together this informative guide that has been written to help ensure you know what size goalie gloves you need. Within the guide we’ve included a handy goalie glove size chart/table which breaks down the recommended goalkeeper glove size by age.

The chart is a general guide for different age ranges and won’t necessarily guarantee you get the right glove size, so we’ve also created a graphic which shows how to measure for goalie gloves to give you added confidence you’re buying the right size gloves.

Goalie Glove Size Chart/Table




4 6-7 YEARS 5.9IN (15CM)
5 8-9 YEARS 6.3IN (16CM)
6 10-11 YEARS 6.8IN (17.2CM)
7 LARGE YOUTH 7.2IN (18.2CM)
8 SMALL ADULT 7.6IN (19.4CM)
10 LARGE ADULT 8.5IN (21.5CM)
11 XL ADULT 8.9IN (22.6CM)

How To Measure Goalkeeper Glove Size

As previously mentioned, we always advise that you should measure your hand size to establish what size goalie gloves you need.

Measuring your hand size is actually very straight forward as the image below shows. Simply follow the instructions shown in the image below to get the key measurements (palm width, palm width with thumb and palm length) you need. Once you have these measurements you can then find the size you need by seeing where your measurements sit within the size guide image.

goalkeeper gloves sizes chart

It’s worth nothing that it’s not uncommon for the different measurements you take to fall within different sizes in the table. When this happens, we typically recommend that you use the palm length measurement as the determining measurement as that is what most goalies recommend.

It’s also worth noting that personal preference can come into play with goalkeeper glove sizes. Some goalies prefer a tight fit for example, whilst others prefer gloves that are looser.

No matter what your preference, at FORZA we have goalkeeper gloves to suit all requirements and budgets. From hybrid goalkeeper gloves to negative cut gloves, we have goalie gloves in sizes ranging from 4 to 11 to suit players of all ages and ability levels. We also have a comprehensive range of goalkeeper training equipment that has been designed to elevante goalkeeper training sesssions. From ball deflectors and mannequins to rebounders and agilty hurdles, you'll find eveything you need for enjoyable and effective goalie practice drills.