The FIFA Quality mark system aims to identify the best quality, most reliable, and cost-efficient soccer products, technologies and surfaces on the market. To receive accreditation from the FIFA Quality Mark system, soccer products must pass strict tests set by the FIFA Quality Programme. Given the vast amount of soccer products on the market, FIFA Quality marks help buyers distinguish the best quality products from the rest, making the buying process that bit easier and giving you the piece of mind that you will get maximum use out of what you buy.

In this guide, we will cover the three levels of the FIFA Quality mark system: the FIFA Basic mark, the FIFA Quality mark and the FIFA Quality Pro mark. For these quality marks, we will explain its significance as well as the stringent requirements that products such as soccer balls must meet to be accredited with a FIFA Quality mark. Having knowledge of the FIFA Quality mark programme will help you to choose a soccer ball that matches your needs, which can be difficult given the number of different brands and models available.

History of FIFA Quality Marks

FIFA Quality Marks were first introduced as part of the launch of the FIFA Quality Programme in 1996, when the first soccer balls were recognised under this new system. Over the next two decades, new quality marks were added to the FIFA Quality Programme, before in 2014, the system was streamlined to two new quality marks, the FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro marks.

The FIFA Basic mark became the third quality mark in October 2020, when it was launched alongside the refreshed FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro marks. The aim of the new FIFA Basic mark was to acknowledge soccer products, technologies and surfaces that are more affordable for soccer clubs at amateur level but offer a comparable quality and level of performance.

FIFA Quality Marks Explained

As mentioned above, FIFA Basic, FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro are the three quality marks that FIFA use to certify soccer products, technologies and surfaces that have been tested to their standards. For a product to receive a quality mark, there is particular safety, durability and performance criteria that must be met.

Below we’ll cover the three FIFA Quality marks to give you a greater understanding of the significance of each quality mark as well as how soccer products, technologies and surfaces can earn these accolades.

FIFA Basic

The FIFA Basic quality mark is designed to help buyers at all levels of soccer pinpoint products, technologies and surfaces that are cheaper in price but still offer a level of performance akin to the top of the range soccer products. To receive this accreditation tests assessing the basic durability and safety of the product must be passed. Soccer clubs and schools on limited budgets will often look for a FIFA Basic quality mark when buying equipment as it will ensure that they are getting reliable products for excellent value for money.

FIFA Quality

The next level up from the FIFA Basic quality mark is the FIFA Quality standard. Products bearing this quality mark are of higher quality and cost mark than those with FIFA Basic accreditation. These products are suitable for clubs in lower professional games or amateur clubs with higher budgets due to their improved level of performance. To earn a FIFA Quality ranking the products, technology or surfaces must pass more rigorous testing on the durability and safety of the equipment as well basic performance and accuracy.

FIFA Quality Certification

FIFA Quality Pro

Products, technologies and surfaces that offer elite performance and quality in line with FIFA’s most stringent testing standards will receive a FIFA Quality Pro quality mark. This is the highest accolade that a soccer product can receive and is what professional clubs and governing bodies at the summit of soccer will look for when buying products or determining the equipment that should be used in competitions such as the FIFA World Cup and the MLS. Despite costing more, you can guarantee that any product carrying a FIFA Quality Pro mark is the very best you can buy.

FIFA PRO Certification

Soccer Balls and FIFA Quality Marks

It goes without saying that soccer balls are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the game. Selecting which soccer ball to buy for you, your child or club can be very difficult given the abundance of brands and models available. The presence of the FIFA Quality mark system helps you narrow your choice down to only the best-quality or most cost-effective options, making the buying process that bit easier and giving you the piece of mind that the ball you’re purchasing has undergone sufficient testing.

If you buy a soccer ball that hasn’t earnt a FIFA Quality mark then there’s a chance your soccer ball might not be reliable in terms of durability and performance, which may mean you aren’t getting true value for money. The slightest deficiency in the manufacturing or design of the ball can seriously affect the quality and performance of the soccer ball, which might lead to the ball flight, bounce or overall feel being compromised.

When testing a soccer ball to see if it’s befitting of a FIFA Quality mark, FIFA will assess the ball’s weight, circumference, roundness, bounce, water absorption levels and pressure/shape retention. The testing for a soccer ball to receive FIFA Quality Pro mark examines these performance characteristics under the toughest of conditions.

The IFAB (International Football Association Board) govern all the laws an equipment rules in soccer. For all professional matches governed by FIFA, the IFAB state that all soccer balls used must carry one of the three FIFA Quality marks from the FIFA Quality Programme.

Where Can You Buy A Soccer Ball With A FIFA Quality Mark?

At FORZA we carry a range of soccer balls that have been accredited with one of the three FIFA Quality marks. We have soccer balls that are of the highest quality and display the FIFA Quality Pro mark, as well as more financially viable models that display either the FIFA Quality or FIFA Basic marks. No matter your age or ability, we’re confident in saying we’ve got a soccer ball to meet your exact demands, knowing that the FORZA soccer balls have passed strict testing to be approved to FIFA standards and demonstrate credible quality, design, performance, accuracy and safety.

FORZA Academy Soccer Balls

Our FORZA Academy Soccer Balls have been tested and approved to FIFA's Basic standards, giving a perfect balance between quality and affordability. These soccer balls are intricately designed with a 3.5mm thick EVA foam and lined with a layer of 0.2mm thick TPU. Together this offers optimal feel and control for players. The tear-resistant balls perform consistently on a range of different surfaces. The external cover houses a butyl bladder reinforced with 2500 yards of polyester, ensuring a consistent bounce and trajectory, whilst guaranteeing the ball maintains its shape under even the most significant impacts. Available in sizes 3, 4, and 5, and offered in packs of 1, 3, or 30, this ball is ideal for players of all ages and skill levels seeking to enhance their soccer abilities.

Academy Soccer Ball
FORZA Club Soccer Ball

FORZA Club Soccer Ball

Featuring a FIFA Basic quality mark, FORZA Club soccer balls offer a cost-effective option for leagues, teams, and players of all skill levels, which is particularly beneficial for those who may not have the budget for the top-tier balls carrying the FIFA Quality Pro mark. This soccer ball is constructed from six polyurethane heat-pressed 1.2mm thick panels protecting a butyl bladder that aids in maintaining the ball's shape and resilience against continuous impacts. Designed to withstand various playing conditions, this weatherproof soccer ball is suitable for all ages and skill levels. It is available in sizes 3, 4, and 5, offered in two different colorways, and can be purchased in packs of 1, 3, or 30.

FORZA Icon Soccer Ball

The FORZA Icon Soccer Ball is a popular option amongst all soccer clubs around the world. Bearing a FIFA Quality mark, this soccer ball has an expert 3D-hybrid construction that bounces and rolls consistently across all indoor and outdoor surfaces. The FORZA Icon can withstand the toughest of conditions, whilst maintaining its shape, an ultimate feel and reliable performance for players of all ages and abilities. This has been proven by the amount of testing the ball has gone through to receive a FIFA Quality mark. The choice of 4 vibrant colors helps the soccer ball’s visibility in all levels of light and helps give an aesthetic appeal. The FORZA Icon is available in packs of 1,3 or 30, in sizes 3, 4 and 5.

ICON Soccer Ball
Futsal Ball

FORZA Pro Futsal Balls

The FORZA Pro Futsal Ball is ideal for futsal matches and training across all levels. This futsal ball’s outstanding quality and durability has been recognised with a FIFA Quality mark. For reliable performances on a variety of surfaces, these balls have been manufactured with a hi-abrasion PU casing. This futsal ball is then strengthened with a layer of PV, constructed using an innovative interweaving method, and laminated with high ammonia latex, before being treated with 60% dry rubber, providing both bacteriostatic protection and long-lasting resilience. The waterproof and tear-resistant casing surrounds a Butyl bladder lined with 2200 yards of polyester, allowing for optimal shape retention. The FORZA Pro Futsal Ball is available in sizes 3 or 4, and in packs of 1, 3, or 12, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting, high quality futsal ball for players of all ages and abilities, this futsal ball is for you.

FORZA Icon+ Official Match Football

The FORZA Icon+ has been accredited a FIFA Quality Pro mark, recognising this soccer balls elite level quality and performance. In successfully passing the rigorous FIFA testing to earn their highest quality mark, this soccer ball has demonstrated first-class performance accuracy, safety, and durability, meaning the FORZA Icon+ is the only choice for soccer matches played at the highest level of the sport. The ball has been precisely manufactured with 24 premium polyurethane panels thermally bonded together for a seamless, stitchless, soccer ball that can maintain its shape and performance all-year round by reducing the amount of water absorption. This scratch resistant, weatherproof outer layer surrounds a latex-lined butyl bladder which means that even under the strongest of impacts, the ball will retain its shape and provide players a soft feel and ultimate control of the ball. The FORZA Icon+ is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5 in packs of 1, 3 or 12.

FORZA Icon+ Match Soccer Ball

Having read our complete FIFA Quality marks guide and explored the range of FIFA soccer balls we offer, why not take a look at our comprehensive selection of FORZA soccer equipment? We carry various goals, training gear, field equipment, and more, ensuring you have everything you need to elevate your soccer game to new heights!