This passing exercise is based around learning the fundamental techniques required to pass and receive the ball effectively. The number of players and balls can be adapted easily to suit your needs. Players start with 1 or 2 football between a group of 5, simply passing to each other with the aim of keeping the ball moving all the time. Once players have passed the ball, they should look to create an angle to receive another ball from their team mate. Encourage players to use the whole area by spreading out to mix their distance of passes and use all the space.

Teamwork is the key starting point for any successful team.


1. Mark out an area of 20 x 20 with a dividing row of cones in the middle to seperate the two groups of players. You can start with 1 or 2 balls per group of players.


2. Players have to pass the ball to each other keeping the ball moving at all times staying in their own area.


3. After passing the ball, players must move and create angles and be an option for the other players in possession.


4. Players should move all over the area, constantly moving and interchanging positions with other players to receive the ball in space.


Creating Angles | First Touch | Weight of Pass | Awareness


After 5 passes within their group, pass the ball across to the other group.