The aim of this drill is to help your goalkeepers maintain the correct hand and body position under shooting pressure.


The Goalkeeper must start with the ball outside the line of the post; they play the ball to the server.

The Goalie follows their pass into the goal.

The server will take a touch and then attempt to score (2 touch max.).

If the Goalkeeper arrests the ball, they will distribute in between the mannequins or what you have placed inside the target area.

If the ball is left in the penalty area after the keeper initial contact, the servers can look for rebound shots, giving the GK a recovery save situation.

Points to remember:

  • Challenge the Goalkeepers speed of thought in making different kinds of saves along with igniting attacks.
  • Goalkeeper needs to push back up using same hand and leg holding the ball in the opposite hand.
  • Re-distribution of the ball either bowl or over throw as central between the poles as possible