Leave defenders for dust and watch your goal tally rise. This shooting drill works on a players movement before receiving the ball before beating the keeper in a 1 v 1 situation. The attacker will create space with a check away movement to the cone and back before playing a one-two pass and then creating an angle to receive. After receiving, the attacker pushes their first touch into the space, past the mannequin and shoot at goal.

1. Starting just outside the penalty area, mark out a 5 yards x 5 yards box with a cone in the middle and a mannequin stationed on the 18-yard line.


2. Player checks away to the cone and back to create space and plays a wall pass with the player in possession.


3. After playing the wall pass, the player creates an angle to receive on the back foot to beat the mannequin 1 v 1 and enter the penalty area.


4. Once inside the penalty area, the striker needs to focus on hitting the target, aiming to make the goalkeeper save as a bare minimum.


Movement to Create Space | First Touch & Acceleration | Weight of Quality Pass | Execution of Shot


Add a partner in who starts on the mannequin and becomes active after the striker receives the second pass and plays a wall pass to setup a first-time finish.