For the more advanced level of player with 7 passes to complete a round with two groups of players performing the same move at opposite ends. The pattern starts at the top with each group mirroring each other. On the last pass the players takes a good first touch, dribbles & then passes to the opposite group following their pass.

Become the master of possession and take your passing game to the next level.


1. Mark out the setup as shown, distances need to appropriate to the age and level of players. 3 Players are stationed on the end cones with 1 player on each of the remaining cones. The ball starts on the two end cones with 2 groups working at the same time.


2. The first pass is to the side who plays first time back to the next player. Players follow their pass at a good pace. When the ball is returned to the start it is then passed straight ahead. This player then takes a good touch and passes to the middle player in the triangle.


3. The player passing into the triangle takes the middle players position and the other two players move round.


4. The players in the triangle combine to setup the forward-facing player to take a good first touch and then play into the next group and follow their pass.


Awareness | First Touch | Weight & Quality of Pass | 1 & 2 Touch Passing


Increase the area size to incorporate longer lofted passes.