This drill focuses on two serves testing the ability to produce quick footwork & then handle the ball successfully using different handling techniques. The GK starts by moving from the back of the mannequin to the front, touching a cone and then setting for a serve into the body. After returning the ball to the first server, they move out of the way for a second strike from the second server.

This drill will furthur develop your positioning, movement and catching.


1. Setup a 5 x 5 square with a mannequin placed in the middle. The GK starts at the back of the square.


2. The GK moves quickly around the mannequin and touches either of the front two cones before receiving a volleyed striker from the first server.


3. The GK catches the strike and throws underarm to the first server who moves out of the way so the second server can strike.


4. The GK reacts quickly after throwing the ball to catch the second strike and return to the server with an underarm throw.


Quick Feet | GK Set Position | Eyes on the Ball | Correct Handling Technique


Add variations to the strikes. Put it either side of the keeper.